Components of the Reading Workshop

Shared Reading               : teachers can use big books of short stories, poems or chants, during the reading the teacher involves children in reading together by pointing or sliding below each word in the text. It models the reading process.

Guided Reading: it is an instructional reading strategy during which a teacher works with small groups of children who have similar reading processes and needs, students read as the teacher supports whole text comprehension.

Read Aloud: During a Read Aloud teachers verbally interact with students before, during and after reading to help them understand and make a variety of connections with the book. Hearing fluent and expressive reading of good literature expands students’ vocabulary and helps build students’ stamina and will make them better readers.

Independent Reading: it provides an opportunity to apply strategies that are introduced and taught during teacher read aloud, shared reading, and guided reading. When materials are appropriate, and students can read independently they become confident, motivated and enthusiastic about their ability to read.